Hardware Acceleration for Embedded Computing

The Hot Chips conference for 2015 has come and gone, leaving us with a snapshot of some of the best contemporary thinking on silicon architectures. And while the scope of this year’s conference was wide—from wearables to supercomputers—a handful of papers, taken together, sketched out a strategy for the near future of embedded computing. Why […]

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Flash Upends the Data Center

Perhaps you could call it a tipping point. For years the increasing density of flash memory chips has meant more room for media on smart phones, cameras, and media players. And far more powerful flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) have enabled new tablet and notebook computers, and have begun quietly appearing in data centers. But suddenly […]


That Robot is Eating My Hardware Budget!

With quiet efficiency the robots are taking over—and it is already too late to stop them. No, this isn’t another scary story about the robot apocalypse. It is about a threat to the hardware budget and the schedule on your next design. And though you can’t impede technology shifts, you can anticipate their impacts. The […]

CATEGORIES : System Architecture/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

Secure Embedded Systems: Digging for the Roots of Trust

Many embedded designs absolutely have to work right. A malfunction could do unacceptable harm to persons or property. Until recently, this requirement has been addressed through careful design and hardware reliability: if the software and the logic are right and there are no hardware failures, the system will work. But today we live in the […]

CATEGORIES : System Architecture, System Security/AUTHOR : Ron Wilson

The FinFET Revolution is Changing Computer Architecture

The arrival of FinFETs, starting in the 20 nm CMOS logic process node, has been justly credited with saving Moore’s Law. Just as our ability to continue scaling planar MOSFETs began to come apart, the FinFET’s vastly superior channel control came to the rescue, taming leakage currents and opening the way to continued voltage scaling. […]

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